Information security

Our information security management system – certified according to ISIS12

ISIS12 is a 12-step information security management system (ISMS). It serves to continuously improve your own information security. For staffadvance, the ISMS, which is certified according to the ISIS12 standard, is a core competency both for our leadership feedback activities and as a service provider in the area of ​​digitalization.

Operating our ISMS is continuous and complex work. Among other things, we are currently tracking around 430 measures and completing an annual audit to maintain our certification.

The scope of an ISMS – the subtle but important difference

The scope of our ISMS (information security management system) includes the entire IT infrastructure and all of our processes without exception, as well as the data center. Organizations whose attention is focused solely on the data center are ignoring key areas of risk.

In addition to the data center, our ISMS also includes the following areas and activities:

  • Creation of result reports and evaluations
  • Protection of all IT systems and rooms used outside the data center
  • Transfer and storage of sensitive data
  • Protection of IT systems for communication
  • Data transfer in encrypted forms
  • Documentation of coaching, consultations and workshops
  • Handling result reports for evaluation meetings
  • Raising awareness of coaches

If you have any questions about our information security system, please contact:
+49 341 9261 353

We are participants in the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security

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