Our motivation
Our stories
Our skills

We are all connected. Being part of an organization means being part of something bigger. Whether as employees or in a leadership role, we are part of a community of people. A community that only exists through connectedness. Connectedness grows through a shared sense of purpose, through listening, through well-organized collaboration and solutions that work for everyone.

Our name Punkt Punkt Punkt

We think and work systemically. Every constellation in an organization can be understood as a system. A system can be described with elements that can stand for people / rules / cultural patterns, the relationships between the elements and the space between everything. The elements, symbolized by dots, are the most visible. If the system changes, the dots, the relationships and the space between the dots shift. Dots, dots, dots again and again... That's why we are called that.

Twenty years ...

Founded in 2004 as staffadvance. Motivated by the desire to provide management feedback and employee surveys from an organizational development perspective. We did not want such projects to end with a results report. We wanted our projects to have a culture-changing effect. And we have remained true to this. Based on this, our product portfolio has expanded. Always with the idea of bringing about change - always exactly what is really needed.

Experience in many sectors

We have experience in many industries because we work systemically. We have worked in the following sectors: IT, water management, non-profit organizations, social economy, healthcare, automotive, transport companies, logistics, banks and savings banks, federal and state ministries, federal and state offices, municipal administrations, waste management, hotel chains, mechanical engineering, auditing/tax consultancy and law firms, real estate, publishing, retail, energy.

How we work

We combine different methods. And we have many of them.
We do what is really needed. And that takes courage and humility.
We know that transformation can also mean wading through the mire. We walk with you.
We work systemically. And this creates moments of magic.

That's us - the colorful dots.

Focus on diversity of methods and connection.

Our methodological expertise at a glance

At Punkt Punkt Punkt, we have been combining a broad mix of methods with systemic work for 20 years. This enables us to make culture tangible, improve collaboration and encourage people. We work in the fields of organizational culture, employer branding, process management, team coaching, information security and training, as well as supporting complex changes. We connect people in our community around these topics.

Systemic method basis

Systemic organizational development
Solution-focused team and conflict coaching
Systemic therapy and counseling
Mindful language and non-violent communication
Gestalt psychology
System constellations
Transformative Scenario Processes
Theory U
Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)
System-centered work (SCT)
Mindfulness, meditation and embodiment

Analytical method base

Process management (CBPP®)
Kanban and other agile methods
Business Models
Certified Project Management
Data protection
Information Security

Wir schätzen starke Verbindungen. Kunden, die mit uns wachsen.