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Making culture tangible. Improving collaboration. Encouraging people.

Punkt Punkt Punkt is a space for organizational development. Development needs methods, attitude and community.

Founded as staffadvance in 2004.
Rebranded as Punkt Punkt Punkt in 2024.

We are all connected. Being part of an organization means being part of something bigger. Whether as an employee or in a leadership role, we are part of a community of people. A community that only exists through connectedness. Connectedness grows through a shared sense of purpose, through listening, through well-organized collaboration and solutions that work for everyone.

At Punkt Punkt Punkt, we have been combining a broad mix of methods with systemic work for 20 years. This enables us to make culture tangible, improve collaboration and encourage people. We work across the spectrum from cultural analysis, employer branding, processes and information security, team coaching and training to supporting complex transformation projects. We connect people in our community around these topics.

Those who already trust our work

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