CSRD Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability according to CSRD only works in the ecosystem internally and externally. It takes connection, knowledge and structure to implement and update the sustainability management system.

Our view of the CSRD

Being part of an organization means being part of something bigger. We are part of a community.
So we are also part of the EU. The EU is striving for Europe to be the first climate-neutral continent. The Green Deal "is a commitment to future generations". In the context of the EU Green Deal, the CSRD makes the sustainability reporting of European companies transparent and comparable.

Classification of the CSRD for companies

In our presentation you will find answers to FAQs, an overview of topics and guidelines and information on the scope of implementation. In German only. Sorry! But we would love to talk with you in English about the CSRD.

Our approach

Implementing CSRD as a management system

The sustainability report in accordance with CSRD must be implemented as a management system. A management system comprises, among other things: Roles, software, own guideline, processes and step-by-step all emerging results.

Facilitation of the reporting process

We take on different roles for the reporting process - depending on which one is required. We are facilitators, coaches, process management experts, documenters, team coaches, explanatory communicators, project managers, scenario developers and mediators - everything that is needed to make progress.

Walking the long road to the first report together

The implementation of CSRD requires staying power. Those involved need a lot of encouragement and sometimes also psychological co-regulation.

Transfer of know-how in the ESG area

Collection and management of data, analysis and evaluation of materiality, coordination and collaboration, reporting and documentation, ensuring compliance with standards, training and awareness-raising, stakeholder integration, integration into existing systems.

Dealing with resistance and conflicts

Change processes are often accompanied by resistance and the unraveling of old conflicts and dysfunctions. They therefore feel like wading through a swamp. We don't avoid this or "delegate" these things. We wade through the swamp with our clients.

Your companions

Sandra Hofmann and Dr. Stefan Fuchs

Our Packages

Paket 1
Generating energy for ESG issues

The starting point for CSRD is unclear in many organizations. There are many different guidelines and internal and external stakeholders that need to be involved. The first step is to provide a small project group with an overview and a focus on solutions in order to create an implementation structure for the change project.

Paket 2
Implement CSRD management system

Stakeholders must now be involved, the materiality analysis must be implemented, data points must be collected and described, and concrete smart goals and measures must be derived and implemented. The task now is to create a space in which unlearning and letting go are just as possible as creating and letting go and learning something new. This requires things like courage, daring, exploration, agility, openness to solutions and prototypes.

Paket 3
Updating the CSRD management system

The aim here is to roll out the defined smart targets and measures. And involve many more employees and managers in the process. This requires things like explaining, convincing, making cultural change tangible, readjusting and retrospectives. Updating and improving the implemented management system is also part of annual reporting.

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