Change management

Designing a transformation that works for everyone is an enormous challenge for organizational developers. It’s like a journey into the unknown, into an unexplored land.

Our view of change

It is almost impossible to predict in advance which levels of the organization will be affected. The words "deadlocked" or "knotted" can often be used to aptly describe the initial situation. In order to successfully manage such a transformation, comprehensive knowledge of almost all aspects of organizational management is required.

Our approach

Focus on SMART goals

Our approach is characterized by a consistent focus on SMART goals in order to maintain the energy for change.

Filling all the roles that are needed

We take on different roles depending on what the situation requires. We are facilitators, coaches, process management experts, documenters, team coaches, explanatory communicators, project stewards, scenario developers, and mediators - everything that is needed to move forward.

Shaping cultural change

An important component of our work is shaping the necessary cultural change. We know the importance of an open, collaborative culture and do everything we can to promote it. In doing so, we act impartially and independently of special interests or entanglements. Our focus is on a participative approach in which we use connectable methods to actively involve all stakeholders.

Dealing with resistance and conflicts

Regardless of whether things are going easily or through a quagmire - we accompany our clients. Our goal is to design a transformation that works for the entire organization. And in doing so, we accept all challenges and obstacles in order to ultimately be successful.

Walking long distances

Change processes require staying power. Those involved need a lot of encouragement and sometimes also psychological co-regulation.

Your companions

Our Packages

Paket 1
Generate Energy

The initial situation is often characterized by problem-focused language: We are not well organized; We lack energy; Our business model no longer fits; We have no common picture of the future. In this phase, it is important to bring a critical group into solution orientation and to formulate a motivating common goal. And then to create an implementation structure for the transformation project.

Paket 2
Creating Solutions

Now it's about creating a space in which unlearning and letting go are just as possible as creating and letting go and learning something new. This requires things like courage, daring, exploration, agility, openness to solutions and prototypes.

Paket 3
Implementing Changes

The aim here is to roll out the new solutions. And to involve many more employees and managers in the process. This requires things like explaining, convincing, making cultural change tangible, readjusting and retrospectives.

Anyone who has already placed their trust in our work.

„Stefan Fuchs is strong in project management. His gentle, consistent and respectful manner has helped us make decisive progress. Unlike other consultants, he takes people seriously, works in a truly agile way and relies on meetings with few participants in order to manage time carefully. That is important for us. He has a lot of confidence in us and takes people with him."
Mathias Wiemann, Unternehmensbereichsleiter der Leipziger Wasserwerke GmbH
"Working with Sandra Hofmann was a delight! She not only brought fresh ideas and solutions to our joint project, but also a good dose of structure. When developing our company-wide communication concept, she always had all internal stakeholders in mind - from train drivers to management. Together, we created something completely new for us. Sandra Hofmann was always approachable, brought in different perspectives and always encouraged us to think outside the box. Working with her was an enrichment for our entire marketing team."
Viktoria Herrmann, Digital Business Development Manager, DB Regio AG
"Agile project management. Structure. Clarity. That's Stefan. "
Alexander Lohse, AWO Sachsen-West
"Being able to talk openly about mistakes and celebrate them was a big step for us. This was not a culture at our company before. I don't want to say that this is already 100% embedded in the culture, but we mustn't forget that this company has been around for many decades."
Manuela Bauersachs, AWO Sachsen-West
"Thanks to Sandra, our annual HR Forum Southeast was a complete success. This forum brings together all Deutsche Bahn HR managers from the federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia for a cross-divisional exchange and intensive networking. With the format of a bar camp, Sandra succeeded in engaging us as participants and creating a pleasant setting. Her skillful moderation was always empathetic, structured and absolutely enriching and thus generated the greatest possible attention and excitement among the audience."
Anne-Katrin Hackbeil, Lead Recruiting Deutsche Bahn

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