Our online course umeetings aims to develop skills and your own inner attitude for others, for better meetings. It offers participants the opportunity to learn from their own cases and the feedback they receive.

The role of meetings

We are seeing how the role of meetings is dramatically underestimated. After all, this is where decisions are made and changes are negotiated. Meetings can be the space for collective learning, for reflection and feedback, for understanding the need for change, for organizing collaboration that works. In the Umeetings® course, we teach the skills needed to lead productive meetings.

Nerve center of every organization

Meetings are the nerve center of every organization. This is where information is processed and decisions are made. Meetings are where shared perspectives and narratives are created. This is where we cultivate how collaboration works. Meetings also confirm or change the way in which mistakes, feedback, criticism and changes are dealt with. This is where solidarity can develop within the team. Or the opposite, i.e. a space with limited trust and reduced psychological security. Employees take away from meetings the entire spectrum from motivation to frustration. This makes meetings the most effective lever for collaboration within the team and the organization. Meetings are simply too important to just let them happen. After all, they ultimately determine the future viability of our organizations.

Why meetings

„In my work in change projects and team coaching, I have observed far too often how unproductive many meetings are. And the negative impact this has on motivation, collaboration and decisions. So, one question after another has arisen: How can this be changed? What inner attitude is needed to facilitate good meetings? Which methods and practices are really helpful? And which recommendations sound good but don't change anything? Why do most meeting rules not work? This is where Umeetings® came from.“
Dr. Stefan Fuchs

Basic training for key people in meetings

Training for better meetings - for whom?

The training is suitable for anyone who leads meetings or has a central role in them. In other words, Umeetings is designed for managers, project managers and topic leaders. And, also for all those who are (currently) growing into such roles. Would you like to assess the quality of your own meetings beforehand? Then try the Meeting Check! The instructions can be found in the next but one text block.

In addition, all those responsible for personnel and organizational development should keep an eye on the meeting quality of the entire organization. For them, Umeetings offers a unique opportunity. The opportunity to systematically improve meeting quality across the board. This also has a positive effect on motivation. This has a positive impact on employee loyalty.

Training for better meetings - what is the concept?

What skills you acquire with Umeetings®
  • You can manage discussions well and lead them in a solution-oriented way
  • Participants experience the meetings you lead as a safe space
  • You can organize decision-making processes in such a way that robust decisions are made
  • You can bring about decisions in less time
  • Speaking time is appropriately distributed, no one dominates the discussions
  • All participants are actively involved
  • You have the means to reduce dysfunctional patterns such as long contributions, derogatory comments, blame and justifications
  • The meetings you lead have a positive effect on cooperation and team development
  • As a participant in other meetings, you have the tools to positively influence their effectiveness.
The following guiding principles have shaped Umeetings®
  • Participants engage with the learning material exactly when it suits them
  • Everyone has their own learning speed
  • There must be time and opportunity to integrate the new material into meetings and clarify any questions that arise in the process
  • Self-reflection and feedback are needed to change your own communication patterns
  • Exchanging ideas with others supports your own learning
  • Videos and audios make it possible to go through individual sequences again
  • It needs depth of content instead of repetition of tips that are easy to find via Google search (which are not very helpful, by the way).
How you can tell it's time for Umeetings®
  • Discussions are tough and ineffective
  • Hardly anyone addresses difficult topics such as problems, mistakes, criticism or obstacles
  • It is difficult to make robust decisions together
  • Speaking shares are very unevenly distributed, individual participants dominate the discussions
  • Other participants behave defensively and hardly take part in discussions
  • Dysfunctional patterns are annoying, e.g. long speeches, derogatory comments, blame and justifications.

Our packages

Option 1

Umeetings® is a fully digitized course over 4 weeks. The material consists of explanatory videos and audios, tools and tasks. Participants learn at times that suit them. The total time required for the course is 10 hours. Spreading the course over 4 weeks encourages trial and error and the gradual integration of what has been learned into everyday working life. There is also a live session every week. Here, a meeting coach is available to the participants for questions and clarifications.

Option 2
Inhouse Traing

Inhouse Training: Individual training in person or online. This is also about developing skills. And, also to develop a contemporary understanding of the moderation role. The special feature: It is possible to specifically address cultural patterns and the context of the organization.

Online Kurs

Processing time
10 h
345 € plus Mwst.
4 Weeks

Send us an e-mail and we will inform you about the next course dates as soon as possible.

Inhouse Training

8 h = 1 Day
2.600 € plus MwSt.
to be agreed upon

Contact us by e-mail and we will arrange a suitable appointment within a very short time.

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