An employer branding strategy starts with the soul of your organization.

Our expertise makes the elusive tangible and reveals what binds existing employees to your organization and attracts new ones.

Your employer branding strategy - our approach

We understand the art of transforming your organization's values and culture into powerful messages that resonate and inspire applications or referrals. Our approach combines a clear strategic direction for your brand and internal connection. Let us work together to shape a brand that not only radiates outwards, but also strengthens each individual internally.

Our perspective on employer branding

Employer branding as a growth process

We understand employer branding in combination with organizational development.

Our approach goes beyond a pure marketing strategy and also touches on other aspects of your organization. Employer branding can thus become the starting point of a transformation process. The insights we gain also serve as a valuable basis for important business decisions and can influence the development direction of your organization.

Mix of methods

Mix of quantitative and qualitative methods and use of AI

Our employer branding approach is characterized by a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data collection in order to gain a deep understanding of the corporate culture. We integrate attitudes and methods from systemic coaching to gain authentic and meaningful insights.

We can also review and measure the effectiveness of our measures by working with leadership feedback or employee surveys. We use AI technologies to analyze data more objectively and reduce our own bias.

Our employer branding world in unique moments

How we work with you in the project

We divide our approach into different phases, which we can also customize to your organization. Through this structured approach, we ensure that each phase of the employer branding process is carefully thought through and tailored to the specific needs and strengths of your organization.

We guide you through this process step by step to ensure that your employer brand is authentic, powerful and effective.

Our employer branding process

Energize The Space
Assess The System
Understand The Culture
Recognize Engagement
Find The Sparks
Defining Your Brand
Celebrate Yourself

Project configuration
  • Context and goal clarification meeting
  • Planning meeting and project planning
  • Setting up our joint workspace

Results: Definition of target groups, roles, project planning

System analysis for employer branding
  • Desk research on the core target group
  • Analysis of your organization as an employer (benefits, values and culture)
  • Competitor analysis
    Results: Basic work to develop the employer brand
Qualitative data collection
  • Individual interviews with key persons and the target group to develop the personas
  • Focus group workshops
    Results: Insights into the internal target group
Quantitative data collection
  • Employee survey of the entire workforce of the entire workforce
    Results: Review of results and insights on employee retention
Data analysis
  • Evaluation of the data
  • Review and validation of all results developed so far in the project group
  • Creation of personas
    Results: Employer branding pyramid: anchor, driver, differentiator
Developing the employer brand
  • Development of the candidate journey
  • Developing a brand strategy for your organization
    Results: Final defined employer brand, communicative central idea
  • Immediate selected interventions in organizational development
  • Transfer to a project for internal personnel and organizational development
  • Next steps: Transfer workshop for action planning with partner agency or internal communications department
    Results: Ad hoc measures for organizational development and transfer to internal marketing department

Our packages

1 day
  • Company check and derivation of initial needs for action
  • Order clarification meeting
12 to 15 days
Employer branding strategy up to approx. 150 employees
  • Customized project planning
15 - 25 days
Employer branding strategy up to approx. 1500 employees
  • Customized project planning
Employee retention package
  • with associated organizational development process

After the strategy is before the marketing

Our ccoperation with Zitrinengrau.

People create culture. We create brands. As a feel-good agency specializing in corporate design, brand development and consulting, Zitronengrau takes our employer branding strategy and gives your employer brand a face. With us, this journey becomes a holistic experience. Zitronengrau expresses your vision and values in every facet of your employer brand. Your corporate design can do even more. Promise.

Visualizing your brand

With great care, Zitronengrau takes our findings and translates them into the visual language of your employer brand, fully in line with your corporate design. Together, we work hand in hand to ensure that your employer brand not only looks good, but also tells a story that sticks. We combine visual brilliance with strategic depth to create messages that speak to both the head and the heart.

  • Developing a visual strategy/concept that is easy to apply.

  • Design of brand elements such as: Logo, color scheme, typography, key visuals and imagery

  • Manual

Empowering your brand

In our opinion, every moment in the employee lifecycle is an opportunity to strengthen loyalty and reinforce the corporate culture. Design these processes to be enjoyable and create identity while naturally reflecting your brand.

  • Recruiting: job ads, career pages, recruiting brochures, social media content

  • Onboarding: welcome packs, onboarding presentations, personalized gifts, induction handbooks

  • Employee retention: Internal event materials (company events, team building events), employee surveys, materials for training and development programs

  • Campaigns: Promotional posters and advertisements, merchandising

  • Digital presence: employer branding microsite, social media profiles

With Zitronengrau at your side, your employer brand becomes more than just a concept - it becomes a living, dynamic part of your organization that inspires and excites every day. Let's shape your employer branding journey together and take it to new heights!

Who has already trusted in our work. A selection.

Employer branding for the Hotel Neptun

In addition to roll-ups, a brochure and social media ads, postcards were also created for the Hotel Neptun. But watch out! Please do not fall into wanderlust.

"I am responsible for online marketing at Hotel NEPTUN. I take care of our online presence and how we present ourselves to our target groups. We were all very impressed by the results of the employer branding process and our colleagues felt honored and valued. Our HR manager, who deals with the colleagues involved on a daily basis, even shed a tear as she felt that the results and the presentation of the employees were spot on."
Marie-Christin Michaelis, Online Marketing Managerin, Hotel Neptun

The Helios book

This book should make tangible the greatness and spirit that lies in what we call healthcare. It highlights individual perspectives and stories. These were taken on random days during the Covid19 pandemic and are to be understood as snapshots. We see snapshots that each show a subjective view, capturing his moods and thoughts.

A number of other assets were also created, such as live talks on Instagram or Facebook, social media ads and internal communication campaigns.


The digital stories of Teamfact

Various digital stories, the design of the careers section and a chatbot were created for Teamfact. Here is an insight into a landing page.


Let us find you and your employer brand.